Dear Colleagues!

It is our privilege and special pleasure to invite you to the 10th International Soil Science Congress on "Environment and Soil Resources Conservation" organized by the Soil Science Society of Kazakhstan in cooperation with the Federation of Eurasian Soil Science Societies (FESSS) decided Almaty, Kazakhstan for its 3rd EURASIAN Soil Congress on 17 – 19 October 2018. Following the impressive success of the 1st EURASIAN Soil Congress in Antalya-Turkey and 2nd EURASIAN Soil Congress in Sochi-Russia, it is believed to be an excellent setting to discuss the current progress in soil science, the development of novel methodology based upon new concepts, and the advances in modern techniques for soil analyses in 3rd EURASIAN Soil Congress that will change our approach to future in soil science and our attitudes towards environment and agriculture. During the upcoming 3rd EURASIAN Soil Congress, worldwide opinion scientists will share with us the recent innovations in their respective fields which impact on soil quality for environmental health and safely agronomical practices, and their effects on development of Soil Science. During the congress high scientific level sections will be held, and especially youth scientists are encouraged to present their recent findings through free communications, posters presentations and educational sessions. 

Thus, we are looking forward welcoming you in Almaty, Kazakhstan, one of the most beautiful cities not only in Eurasia but in the entire world. Almaty, Kazakhstan's largest metropolis, is set in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains, it served as the country's capital until 1997 and remains Kazakhstan's trading and cultural hub. We rely on the most meaningful participation of many colleagues from all over the world in order to make our congress another milestone in FESSS history.

    With our best personal regards,


    Professor Abdulla Saparov

    President of Organizing Committee


Almaty, Kazakhstan